I did a lot of cooking for Thanksgiving! I spent three whole days in the kitchen prepping for the big day. Then on Friday I spent more time in the kitchen and then reheated leftovers for our second Thanksgiving which was more casual and relaxed. By Saturday I was craving something very specific: Pizza!!


As you know, we’re on a very tight—excruciatingly tight—budget, so delivery was out of the question. But that craving wouldn’t subside. We didn’t even have money for a lousy frozen cardboard substitute at the grocery store. What was a girl to do?


The bells went off. I still had a refrigerated pie crust.

So I rolled out the pie crust, lightly oiled a pizza pan and placed the pie crust on it with some more olive oil on top. I poked a few fork holes in it and placed it in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes to crisp it up.

Meanwhile, I took a can of diced tomatoes and threw some garlic in it and simmer it on the stovetop while the crust was in the oven.

After taking the crust out, I topped it with my homemade sauce and generously sprinkled Sargento Italian shredded cheese blend on top.

Now I LOVE pepperoni, but of course this isn’t a staple in my house. But bacon is!

So I chopped up some raw bacon and, again, generously topped the pizza with it.

I then popped that baby in the hot oven and let it cook until it was golden and the bacon was fully cooked.

This dazzling, delightful dish truly comforted the weary cook in me. And fed that craving perfectly!



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