Where I live (Kenosha, Wisconsin), there are hundreds of great pizza joints. Our small town is mostly made up by the Italian community, who have graciously shared their love for food with us.

As a lover of pizza, I enjoy ordering from many different places in town, but we haven’t had the money to pay $20 for a pizza, $2 for delivery, and $3 for a tip. So I’ve had to be creative in my approach with pizza lately, as I’m also incredibly unhappy with frozen cardboard cutouts claiming to be pizza at $6 a pop.

I posted a while back about using pie crust as a base for pizza, but the other day I discovered something even BETTER! Biscuits.

Honey Biscuit Mini Sausage Pizza

A few nights ago, my husband wanted to make Chicken Fried Chicken with homemade gravy, and bought a tube of Honey Butter Biscuits but forgot to make them. I was craving pizza and figured I’d give those biscuits their 17 minutes of fame.

I had a jar of Pizza Sauce in the cabinet that someone gave us, a refrigerator drawer full of different shredded cheeses (it’s the equivalent of a normal person’s staples of flour and sugar), and GFS bulk pork sausage. I was all set!

I smooshed the individual biscuits into thin, flat rounds and placed them on an oiled baking sheet. I also put a little olive oil on the biscuits, then topped them with sauce, cheese and raw sausage (I had mixed Italian seasonings and fennel seeds in the sausage beforehand to make Italian Sausage). I popped those puppies in a 400 degree oven for about 15-17 minutes (watching to see the sausage was cooked through and the cheese was melted and golden).

Voila! Sweet Crusted Honey Biscuit Pizza:

biscuit pizza 2

Be prepared. You will be hugged and kissed for these tasty, delightful, heavenly, cheesy rounds of joy!


Tube of Honey Butter Biscuits

Pizza Sauce, or homemade marinara (heated can of crushed tomatoes, olive oil and 2 cloves garlic)

Shredded cheese(s) of choice

Any topping of choice (we also made bacon, red onion and pineapple)


Oil two baking sheets. Flatten individual biscuits to your preference in thickness and size, and place on baking sheet. Brush with olive oil and then top with pizza sauce. Cover with cheese (come on, be generous!) and toppings. Bake in a 400 degree oven for approximately 17 minutes.

Eat. Enjoy. Express your love…


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